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Project example

Some of the practical features of Pocket PC Creations shown in the Breathalyser project below. Project created in an hour, without programming skills!
Create Project on desktop or laptop PC using Pocket PC Creations and install to Pocket PC.

Breathalyser project is found in C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\Examples after installation of Pocket PC Creations, download a Trial.


Top level contents menu of project with hyperlink points to menu pages for ease of navigation.

the page Header, tap this area on a live project and go to guidance notes sitting behind the page, so ready instructions are always at hand. On the menus below, a tap on the description of the point links to any guidance information included. Powerful features for training and support. Pocket PC Creations is both an information collection and publishing program.

Menu demonstrating practical 'point' functions:
  • Drop list, allowing free text entry with save option. Frequently used entries are conveniently available and can be added to in the field. 
  • Time stamp, includes time and time and date options. [All projects are time and date stamped as they are opened and closed.].
  • Selection points, with options of single or multiple selections.
  • Boolean points, with options of Yes/No, True/False, Yes/No/NA True/False/NA, Safe/Unsafe/NA, 1/0/99, or any value assigned, including recording sentences of text.


Menu demonstrating additional practical 'point' functions:
  • Edit point, for free entry of text and/or numbers. The keyboard and handwriting recognition functions are easy to use in the field.
  • Edit point for numeric values modified using up/down arrows.
  • Logic point controls display of points after a 'yes'/tick for driver admitting alcohol consumption.

Menu demonstrating practical 'point' functions:
  • Drop list, save time by having actions such as "Solicitor should discuss with officer." available as choices along with several alternative "Other Comments".

Menu showing practical Outlook point functions. The Outlook point enables information to be directly imported from Microsoft Pocket Outlook on the Pocket PC. This feature saves time and ensures accuracy of information transfer. The Outlook point also allows new contact information to be added simultaneously to Pocket Outlook and a Pocket PC Creations project in the field.

(Services weren't used or recorded in this case, information is shown as an example.)

Menu demonstrating practical 'point' functions:
  • Image Layout point, displaying images. Here the images are black and white 'identikits', though full colour is supported for maps, product photos, drawings etc. In this case, the 'Wanted' images could be changed daily and the project/application be distributed by email to hundreds of police units for re-installing onto Pocket PCs.
  • Text Layout point, enables text to be added to 'front' of menu page as well as in guidance.



Operation on Pocket PC

Session Window on Pocket PC client opposite.

Multiple Projects (such as Breathalyser) and multiple Sessions are run on the Pocket PC.  Session List Columns of data can be seen at a glance in the Session window, and sorted for convenience; these are set up in Design via Project > Properties > Options.

Sessions are sent to and from the Pocket PC Creations server/desktop via either wireless (including mobile phones) or ActiveSync.


information from Pocket PC to desktop PC, and export to Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML, Microsoft Access and SQL Server, Oracle and other databases. The data shown are automatically laid out in easy to read Excel tables, either horizontally or vertically.

See data in HTML (web page format). The HTML presentation is generated in seconds, ready for print or storage.

Consider the advantages :
  • consistent quality approach to ensure success in legal proceedings
  • time saving through elimination of paperwork
  • no loss of information transferring between paper forms and reports