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Pocket PC Creations is powerful software to create and run mobile computing applications for business.  Clients

The Pocket PC Creations system is simple and proven worldwide:

Download software via the Internet from Trial or Buy page, and install to desktop PC

Define Properties for the projects/applications; including copyright, customised visual style, licencing and locking

Design powerful projects/applications for Pocket PCs by simple insertion of points. Applications or 'projects' are developed without the need for programming, follow the Skills tutorial

Powerful Custom Points for GPS, voice, camera images and more

Install multiple projects/applications on Pocket PC, either via ActiveSync or wirelessly to remote Pocket PCs
Synchronise information from Pocket PC to desktop PC, either wirelessly or by ActiveSync

Wireless client and server system can manage multiple Pocket PCs, via mobile phones, WiFi and the Internet (TCP/IP)

Data management and print using common tools - Microsoft Excel and HTML. Send information through ADO to database systems such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, SAP and Oracle. Full support for both export and import of XML, and data scripting for customised interfaces
Support worldwide via Skills, email, phone and Partners


  It's never been so easy to be creative! Simply insert points for 25 powerful functions in mobile projects, no programming required.
See the menus from the Breathalyser demonstration project, created in an hour.  

An easy way to appreciate the power and convenience of Pocket PC Creations is to visit the free Pocket PC Creations Skills tutorial and explore the features. 
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