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Camera Images

Capture camera images alongside data with the versatile Camera custom point.  Now included in the standard install of Pocket PC Creations version 6.


  • supports Pocket PC camera accessories and internal cameras in Pocket PC Phones
  • not limited by camera make/brand
  • launches camera in Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Smartphones
  • captures most recent JPG image from camera on Pocket PC
  • thumbnail presented on project page with data capture points
  • full size JPG images incorporated in Pocket PC Creations sessions for output to Sketch point (see opposite) and return to databases, reports or web publishing
  • HTML output on Pocket PC enables printing of images within reports in the field
  • transmit JPG images by Mobile Phone or by ActiveSync
  • included in standard install of Pocket PC Creations versions 5 and 6
  • Custom Point properties

  • in Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices tap point 'Click to attach image' to launch camera and capture image
  • on pre-Windows Mobile 5 devices, take image with Pocket PC camera, then....
  • switch to Pocket PC Creations project, (usually via either Start menu or Task button)
  • tap point 'Click to attach image' to capture most recent camera image
  • option to tap again to remove image
  • image file size determined by camera settings


Design Properties

Design controls shown above:

  • Capture method provides options for either built-in camera or other cameras, and control of the size of the image captured with built-in camera, which can be important for wireless transmissions
  • Folder: on Pocket PC containing images from camera, default is
    \My Documents\My Pictures. However, if the camera doesn't generate or use a 'My Pictures' folder, the path might simply be \My Documents. If the nominated folder contains sub-folders, they will also be searched for the latest JPG image. Some Pocket PC Phone cameras generate a sub-folder for each day an image is taken, and the Folder path should be \My Documents.
    Option enables 'Delete the file after storing' to delete JPG from Pocket PC after capturing in project session. Note, with some Pocket PC Phones this may cause images to be given the same number as the previous image before deletion; test system before using this deletion option.
  • Display options: enable tap again to remove image and Thumbnail size: options for JPG 220 x 160, 160 x 120, 80 x 60

The Camera custom point will be available in the 'Add New Point' menu during design of Pocket PC Creations projects. Pocket PC Creations version 6 installation now includes all custom points.