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GPS Data

Capture GPS data in Pocket PC Creations with the special GPS point. Now included in the standard install of Pocket PC Creations  version 6.
GPS Pocket PC Creations > Now GPS Mobile Data Studio
Mobile Data Studio

  • Develop powerful applications around GPS, without programming.
  • Capture 20 GPS outputs in accordance with NMEA standards.
  • UTM Easting, Northing and Zone based on WGS-84 global standard. 
  • Configuration set up options for various GPS devices below.
  • GPS connection options, data can be saved, and points drawn on maps imported to Pocket PC Creations.
  • Include GPS information in Pocket PC Creation's powerful Math functions.
  • Send GPS data wirelessly from Pocket PC using Pocket PC Creations wireless functions.

GPS custom point in Pocket PC Creations

Install Pocket PC Creations (Trial or Buy), GPS point is now included in standard install of Pocket PC Creations version 5 and version 6:

  • Following installation of Pocket PC Creations, the GPS point will be available in the 'Add New Point' window in Pocket PC Creations in Design view.
  • The GPS point can be named anything to assist data tracking.
  • Select GPS outputs Format from GPS Properties dialogue box below. The default string can be amended by the insertion of Tokens
  • The GPS output data can be presented in 'child' Edit points with particular ID Names reflecting the GPS outputs selected, eg if the main 'parent' point was called GPS, then Edit point ID Names might be, GPS.long, or, Sample.hdop etc. This is a convenient way to present data, clearer than in a long string.

Properties Options includes a default setting to keep GPS device connection active while project is open, which is the fastest way to collect a series of data. Closing the project will close the GPS connection. When this option is unchecked, the connection will close after each GPS fix is Saved. For most operations the default setting should be used, as the GPS connection can be manually closed on the Pocket PC with a 'GPS OFF' button (see below), if required. The close GPS window as soon as fix is obtained option is a rapid way to collect data, but may leave some users with less control than preferred. 


Project Development: No need to be confined by the limited menus with standard GPS software. Develop flexible data capture using the full range of other points in Pocket PC Creations. Many applications can be developed for mining, agriculture, environment, transport, military, education and recreation.

Example GPS projects can be found after installation of Pocket PC Creations at C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\Examples:
  • GPSx10
  • Drill Hole Log
  • UTM

Establishing a Fix

  • When a project with a GPS point is loaded, the GPS hardware is prepared, but not yet turned on. 
  • When a GPS point is tapped (to record position), the hardware is powered up, and "Fixing Position" is shown. Depending on conditions, it may take a few minutes to locate sufficient satellites (say 4) for the initial fix. 
  • When a "Position Fixed" is achieved, the GPS point stays open and continues to receive data. Tap "Save" to save the data within the GPS point data fields/boxes. 
  • Subsequent uses of the GPS point are instantaneous, because the GPS hardware is still on: this applies to other GPS points in the project, or when creating new sessions of the project.
  • When the project is closed (back to "Project" screen where project icons are displayed), the GPS hardware is turned off. To close GPS connection while project is still open, tap 'GPS OFF'.

Example Project

A simple example GPS project in Pocket PC Creations is shown opposite. GPS readings at "Sample" positions are recorded and the position drawn onto either a JPG or Bitmap image (230 pixels wide) imported into a Sketch point. A GPS reading could be taken for each session, or numerous readings taken in a session by presenting GPS input fields controlled by conditional Logic points (say with a test based on Sample number). Follow the Skills tutorial for easy development of powerful applications.

Data on Pocket PC

GIS data can be presented in columns in the Session window on the Pocket PC, alongside other data, and sorted by tapping the top of the columns (see opposite).  A unique and low cost solution for collection of GIS data, with one device.

See also UltraDrop custom point, to manage hundreds of UTM co-ordinates in the field on Pocket PC.

GPS Hardware Setup
The GPS point outputs in accordance with NMEA standards.  A "Setup" prompt may present with some GPS hardware, see below. Follow the GPS device manufacturers specifications to configure settings for Port Name and Baud Rate. With SDIO/compact flash card GPS units, and Bluetooth connected units, it may be necessary to receive GPS signal before opening GPS custom point (ie watch for LED evidence that signal is being received). For example, for the Socket Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver opposite, Setup for Port Name is COM1 and Baud Rate 4800.