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Projects Marketing Report

Project: Marketing Report (menus below) See also: Sales Force and
Beauty consultant.

Developed by: CreativityCorp Pty Ltd

Description: A marketing report template to gather information in the field and export to Excel, HTML, XML, Access, SQL Server, Oracle and other for orders and marketing team follow up. While the Product points below don't show images, they can be added as Layout Image points. Many product pages can be generated from this template approach. Use the new combined mobile phone and Pocket PC units with GPRS, CDMA or GSM, and other TCP/IP systems to deliver fast service. 

Guidance notes:  Each page and point can support guidance information; for example, the main selling points for a product, or information on discount rates for specials.

 No copyright for this demonstration project.  Make a copy, and enjoy modifying in Pocket PC Creations to set up your marketing report, the free online Skills tutorial provides support.

Cost: Free, contact Support and we will email it to you. 

Top level menu showing menu pages Menu templates

Note the CreativityCorp image point,  on the top level Marketing Report menu page. Add your own company logo, and add product images to the product points to show customers. See an example of the use of image points with the 'Wanted' images in Breathalyser.

The Customer page makes use the  Outlook Point function which enables importing of contact/client information from Microsoft Pocket Outlook in the field. New contacts can also be entered into Outlook from Pocket PC Creations in the field. Microsoft Outlook can import client/contact information from many sources for synchronization with Pocket Outlook.



The Products page points can be copied and pasted, use many product points and product pages to cover your product range. The software can support many products for a complete catalogue of products and services in your pocket. The Math Point function enables both simple and complex calculations in the field, with information captured for prompt processing by supply and dispatch. Manage hundreds of products with the UltraDrop custom point, see Sales Force. 















Practical Marketing Management covered in a menu which can be filled in seconds  The menu points are suggestions, feel free to amend them in Pocket PC Creations. Selection points are good for multiple selections, drop down lists add further choices and the opportunity to write information. See the Skills tutorial to learn how easy it is to modify this template and to set up many other applications.



Generate Excel spreadsheet reports in seconds. The last thing you want after a good day of sales is tedious paperwork and reporting to dampen the sales spirit. Too often, good salespersons are the ones with the most paperwork to manage!

The reports can also be exported to HTML and XML in an instant to view and print, and through ADO to Access, SQL Server, Oracle and other databases. Send XML to Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Results of previous sales activity can be taken back to the field in Excel and SQL Server CE on the Pocket PC.