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Project: Service Report template project (menus opposite); free project included with Pocket PC Creations to modify to your specific requirements in Pocket PC Creations. Print Service Reports from Pocket PC.

Developed by: CreativityCorp Pty Ltd

Description: A field Service Report project, where jobs are assigned wirelessly from base using Pocket PC Creation's two-way wireless functions. Use the new combined mobile phone and Pocket PC units with 3G, GPRS, CDMA or GSM, and other TCP/IP systems. Upon completion of service, labour and parts costs are calculated and a signature is taken. Job is assigned via Pocket PC Creations server, either manually under a local session (Project > New Session) or automatically via Incoming XML or Data Script. Menus opposite for Pocket PC. Instructions below for managing Labour and Parts inputs and Printing Service Reports from Pocket PC.

Copyright:  No copyright for this template project. Make a copy, and enjoy modifying in Pocket PC Creations for your Service Reports, the free online Skills tutorial provides support.

Cost:  Free, included in the Examples folder of Pocket PC Creations software (C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\Examples\ServiceReport.ppc). 


Service Report jobs/sessions shown with customer location and contact information in Session List Columns on Pocket PC, see below.


Labour Costs and Loading Parts/Products

Open Service Report project in Pocket PC Creations on desktop PC.

Labour Costs

Open the 'Labour and Parts' page in Design view.

Open the 'Callout Fee' and 'Labour' Drop List points and amend the code-based choices as required. Note, the numerical rate prior to the semicolon (;) is what is recorded and used in Math point calculations, per 60 minutes for Labour.

Callout Fee Labour


Service Report uses the powerful UltraDrop custom point to manage hundreds of parts/products and prices. Follow the two simple steps below to set up for your specific product categories and range, with Service Report open in Design view in Pocket PC Creations. 

Step 1  Set up Categories: Categories of products are controlled by a Drop List point, see 'Category1', which interacts with the UltraDrop point to 'filter' products into categories. Edit the Drop List items to categories required, eg 'Fuses', 'Gaskets' etc.

When point 'Category1' is edited, it can be copied to other pages for Items 2 to 10 (or more items/pages as required), replacing existing Drop List for Category.

Step 2  Set up Products: Products are managed by the 'Item1' UltraDrop point, which is replicated onto other Item pages which Data Share with Item 1, thus there is no requirement to amend the 'Item' points on other Item pages. Open the 'Item1' UltraDrop point > Custom > Data for view below.

Select and Edit the rows of Data to amend to particular requirements for Category, Product, Code, Description and Price. Save and check progress. Add new rows. For large numbers of products, Import tab-delimited text files from programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

How easy is that! Specific Service Report Labour inputs and Parts are now set up to deliver improved productivity for your service team. 

Save HTML for Printing from Pocket PC

(Note Print point on page 4 of Skills is another mode for printing.)

The Save HTML option in the session menu enables output of session data to a HTML template which generates HTML pages available for printing with third party software, such as PIEprint. The HTML pages can also be attached to emails.

Download Service Report HTML Template and un-Zip. Amend the 'My Company', 'My Address' and other 'My' content to your business details using a HTML editor. Copy Service Report HTML Template file from desktop to Pocket PC and save to a new Print folder My Documents\Print on Pocket PC, then follow the simple Save HTML set up menu below. 

(Note: The HTML template can also be used to print reports and invoices on the desktop PC, see Skills for Data management.)

The Save HTML menu presents fields for location of the template file on the Pocket PC, which can be browsed to locate, and for folder to save generated HTML pages (eg \My Documents\Print, could hold both the template and HTML generated).

The default file name for the HTML output is %.time%.htm which will produce files date and time stamped. Data from specific points in the project can be used for file names using %pointIDname%, where point ID Name is the name of the point, eg Customer, Date.

The Open File control will immediately display the generated HTML file in Internet Explorer.

Sketch point images (eg signatures) will be output within HTML pages, these should be deleted from the Pocket PC periodically, so they don't use excess storage space.