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Pocket PC Creations has been superseded by Mobile Data Studio of February 2011. Please see link below to new web site for Mobile Data Studio.

There are eight forms of support for Pocket PC Creations:
bullet Pocket PC Creations Skills tutorial, free support, combined with optional assessment and certification. Essential reading. Always up-to-date
bullet Questions & Answers
bullet Upgrades, advice on upgrades (Replaced by Mobile Data Studio)
bullet Design services
bullet Training services
bullet Bugs, advice of known 'bugs', or error messages.
bullet Help provided with the software on desktop PCs
bullet Prompt reply to email enquiries to 
please include either Pocket PC Creations or PPCC in the subject line, and to telephone enquiries on 618 97724098. (Feel free to test our worldwide support response time by sending an email to )

Questions & Answers:

Q. What mobile computers does Pocket PC Creations run on?
A.  Pocket PCs and Smartphones with Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems and 'touch screens'. This includes Windows Mobile 6.5, 6.1, 6 and 5. See more information at Microsoft on Windows Mobile Phones , now called Windows Phone 6.5.  Pocket PC Creations will also run a 'Local Session' on Windows XP Tablet PCs. Pocket PC Creations will not run in the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Q. Does Pocket PC Creations interface with Databases?
Yes, using the latest ADO and XML media, and scripting, to interface with Access, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and other databases. It can also do rapid outputs to Excel and HTML.

Q. Can data collected in Pocket PC Creations be printed from the Pocket PC?
Yes, Print point and 'Export HTML' functions in Pocket PC Creations on the Pocket PC enables printing of forms, receipts, invoices, reports etc.

Q. Do users developing projects/applications with Pocket PC Creations own the applications and can they sell them?
A. Yes, projects/applications developed by the holder of a Pocket PC Creations licence are their property. The projects/applications .ppc files can be sold, but the main Pocket PC Creations software to run them cannot be sold without permission from CreativityCorp and supply of the software by CreativityCorp (see Partners).

Q. Why aren't projects 'stand alone' applications?
A.  Because they are part of a total Pocket PC Creations system which includes wireless client and server communication and powerful data management not found with 'stand alone' applications. 

Q. Can Pocket PC Creations be run as a 'Service'?
Yes, see ServiceMill by Active+ Software.

Q. What Pocket PC should I buy?
A. There are now many excellent options, see Microsoft. Check to ensure the screen displays well both indoors and outdoors in direct sunlight, and that there are wireless accessories to enable use with a mobile phone. A 32MB memory version is sufficient for use with Pocket PC Creations.

Q.  What about software upgrades, will the version of software I purchase become outdated?
Upgrades to Pocket PC Creations made within 12 months of purchase of the software will be provided without a fee, a fee may be charged for upgrades beyond 12 months from the date of purchase. CreativityCorp will advise software license holders of upgrades. (There have been no charges for upgrades since Pocket PC Creations was introduced in 2001.)

Q.  Can CreativityCorp assist with the marketing of projects/applications built with Pocket PC Creations by developers.
A.   Yes, please see our Partners page, and contact CreativityCorp to discuss. 

Q.  How many Pocket PC Creations projects/applications can I load and run on a Pocket PC?
A.  Many, depending on available memory, 20 projects could easily be run on a Pocket PC!  The project file size is generally less than 30KB, and most Pocket PCs have 64MB of memory.

Q.  After I process data from the Pocket PC onto the desktop PC, can I take them back into the field? 
A.   A copy of Session data can be retained on the Pocket PC via 'Backup Data' on the Project Menu and 'Save HTML' on the Session menu. Session data can be returned to the Pocket PC via XML and Excel, and the 'Send' command from the Data Window.

Q.  Can I password protect information in a project in Pocket PC Creations?
A.  Yes, use the conditional Logic point to display data points only upon entry of a password, and Lock the project so that others can't view the password in design mode.

Q.  What do the four different Pocket PC Creations file extensions do?
Pocket PC Creations file extensions types are:

.ppc - Pocket PC Creations project file, associated with the program and has its own icon. When opened, it loads Pocket PC Creations automatically. Found on desktop PC and Pocket PC. Copied to Pocket PC when installing project.

.ppr - Data/results management options, such as Data Pathway settings for HTML/XML/Excel/ADO output, XML input, Data Scripting. Found on PC or server only. If this is removed, Data settings are restored to defaults. They are stored here separate to the project as they may vary from computer to computer (eg different folders or ADO settings).

.ppi - Session database index, stores information about the sessions which have been saved. Found on PC and Pocket PC.

.ppd - Session database data store, stores actual session data. In combination with the .ppi file above, these two files store session data. By using separate files, risk of corruption is reduced. Found on PC and Pocket PC.

Design services: While you don't need to be a programmer to create your own projects or applications, some people prefer to have assistance. Send your starting material to CreativityCorp by email to or by post and we will provide an IN CONFIDENCE no obligation quotation to prepare your project for Pocket PC Creations.

Training services: CreativityCorp has expertise in training on the use of mobile solutions. We provide customised online Skills programs worldwide, based on clients projects, with assessment and certification. Contact CreativityCorp for information on customised Skills programs for your mobile requirements.


(or error messages)

"CUSTOM POINT: PPCC.Formatter" or similar messages with custom points when viewed on Pocket PC. The problem is due to the custom point being installed while Pocket PC Creations was open on the Pocket PC and/or desktop PC. Close Pocket PC Creations on both, and please install custom point again. 

"Data index unavailable" message during Synchronise may indicate that either the corresponding project cannot be found or that a session for the project is still open on the Pocket PC (Finish/close session).

Installation to Pocket PC and desktop PC - The most common problems reported are related to installation of upgrades of Pocket PC Creations to a Pocket PC, almost invariably this is due to Pocket PC Creations not being closed on the Pocket PC before upgrading. It is vital to CLOSE Pocket PC Creations on both the Pocket PC and desktop before installing upgrades. This is sound practice for installation of any program. 

Windows 7, XP and Vista Installation within networks may require administrative privileges, software cannot be installed from a 'user' account. Log on to XP and Vista as an 'administrator' before installing Pocket PC Creations.

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