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Pocket PC Creations is versatile software, it can also create and run applications for mobile Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Tablet PCs. Save expenses in programming costs!

 'Tablet PC Creations' provides convenient data capture and output to XML,  
 HTML, Excel, Access and other databases.  It's easy!

Simple Steps to run Pocket PC Creations in 'Tablet PC Creations' mode. Knowledge of Pocket PC Creations operation is assumed.

- Open a Local Session

Install Pocket PC Creations to Tablet PC as for a desktop PC. Open a 'Local' session on Tablet PC via toolbar, Project > New Session. The Pocket PC sized emulation window will open. If you wish to enter a specific Unit ID, replace 'Local' with your ID, eg JohnSmith, before entry of data. To delete targets, click on the Unit ID in the drop list and press the Shift key. Go to Step 2.

- Expand Session Window

Drag the edge of the Session window to widen and lengthen to a convenient size window for operation on the Tablet PC. 

- Notes

Some issues to note for operation of Pocket PC Creations on Tablet PC:

  • the default Header image is 480 pixels wide, this and the Background image can be replaced for wider window. (via Project > Properties > Visual Style)
  • Pocket PC Creations can deploy it's Design, Local Session and Data operational components to Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Tablet PCs, it does not deploy to Windows CE Tablet devices.