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Pocket PC Creations
19 May 2003

Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 compatible.

Sales Force  project and order template now included in Examples folder (generally C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\Examples). The Sales Force project Data Pathway is set up to output via HTML Template to HTML files with file name based on customer Company Name, see Sales Force page for more detail. For convenient printing from Pocket PC Creations using professional HTML Templates, exactly matching government and other forms, contact Enrico for assistance.

Dynamic changes to point Captions based on output from other points. The Caption can be dynamically expanded by parsing from another point using <%OtherPointID%>, the Caption will then present what is entered in the other point. For example a survey of game machine usage has a question "What brand of video game do you use?" (Drop List with Point ID Name "Brand" includes item 'Nintendo'). Elsewhere in the project a dynamic question may be "How often do you use your Nintendo?" Caption would be "How often do you use your <%Brand%>?"; if person had answered 'X Box' initially it would read "How often do you use your X Box?". This can assist with making the interview more direct in market research, and adaptive in self assessment (eg drug trials), and by providing prompts in larger projects.

Expanded support for Tablet PCs, the Outlook point now operates on Tablet/notebook/desktop PC,  where previously Outlook point only related to Pocket Outlook on Pocket PC. Pocket PC Creations is proving popular on Windows XP Tablet PCs, running under Local Session (via Project > New Session) with expanded window (drag window to widen and lengthen).

Unit IDs can be remotely amended from the Pocket PC Creations server, useful for large wireless deployments if the user of the Pocket PC changes, see page 4 of Skills tutorial and 'Update Unit ID'.

Character Limit control in Edit point to assist output to databases by not exceeding database field limits; audio warning on Pocket PC when limit is reached.

Enhanced Date Time picker point, no longer 'always on' default record of current date (please check previous project designs if dependent on always recording current date).

Support for non-English locales, as determined by hardware system settings (Settings > System > Regional Settings on Pocket PC and Control Panel > Regional Settings on desktop PC). Thus if Regional Settings specify "," as the decimal character and "." as the digit grouping character (which is opposite to the English system), then these settings will be reflected in Pocket PC Creations.

Additions to Data Script (for programmers):

Point.SaveSketchImage for saving sketch images to disk, used as follows:

' Save a sketch in the indicated point using the indicated session data Project.Points("pointname").SaveSketchImage theSession("pointname"), "C:\File.bmp"

Database.SaveToFile and Database.LoadFromFile for saving/loading embedded files:

' Save a stored file from a session to disk Database.SaveToFile theSession("pointname"), "C:\File.ext"

' Load a file from disk into a session as a stored file theSession("pointname") = Database.LoadFromFile( "C:\File.ext" )"

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