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Pocket PC Creations
version 3.3
12 November 2003

Print from Pocket PC 
with Pocket PC Creations version 3.3

Upgrade provides a 'Save HTML' function making HTML output available for printing from the Pocket PC using third party software such as PIEprint. Enables printing of orders, invoices, receipts, reports and other documents in the field. 

PIEprint suppliers, Field Software, are specialists in mobile printing and recommend the HP 450CBi for colour printing, - battery powered, built-in infrared and a Bluetooth adapter for Bluetooth printing. For black and white receipts and forms, depends on paper width needs. For full width thermal paper for black and white receipts, orders and reports, the Pentax PocketJet 200 is recommended, for smaller widths, the Zebra range are recommended by Field Software.


Review of pages 2 to 7 of Skills tutorial is recommended. Other upgrades include:
  • option for Unit ID assignment on Pocket PC to enable wireless initial installation of Pocket PC Creations CAB to distributed users; upgrade can also be implemented through distribution of CAB file
  • 'private/hidden' Pages outside of the standard Previous/Next navigation, set via Page Properties > General
  • storage/list of Unit IDs used for 'Local' sessions on desktop when using that window for wireless dispatch (as many do), and operation of Retain Session Value on desktop/Tablet/notebook PCs
  • improved Data Scripts, with a versatile script to retrieve the PPCC Application object:  Set oPPCC = CreateObject( "PPCC.Application" )
  • listing of logic conditions for Logic points in Design view
  • full display of choices in multiple-choice Drop List on Pocket PC
  • colour control on Link points for use in various Visual Styles
  • changed layout for Numpad point to numeric pad convention
  • faster operation of large projects in Windows Mobile 2003, making full use of XScale 400Mhz processors. Previous ARM, MIPS and SH3 processors also supported in Pocket PC 2002 and 2000
  • can be installed to either RAM (Default), or SD and CF cards (in Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket PC 2002); installing to card secures data in the event of power failure 

Note, an upgrade to the popular GPS Custom Point will be released on 19 November; with download available at: . The upgrade expands controls for interface with GPS hardware.

Close Pocket PC Creations on both desktop and Pocket PC before installing upgrade.

See Upgrade History for reference, previous version is 3.2.

Questions on upgrade to .

For assistance with HTML Templates for Pocket and desktop PCs contact