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Building on Success > Pocket PC Phone Power

Tracking of Wireless Activity with Pocket PC Creations version 3.4

Unique GUID identification of sessions moving between Pocket PC Creations wireless TCP/IP client and server using Activity Monitor and text Log file, for example:

2005-4-4 11:27 : Connection established
2005-4-4 11:27 : Courier1: Handshake successful, unit online
2005-4-4 11:27 : Courier1: Push session request for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:27 : Courier1: Sending session "{DDC484F5-D0E0-4FAD-91DD-A52737201EBE}" for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:27 : Courier1: Client accepted session "{DDC484F5-D0E0-4FAD-91DD-A52737201EBE}" for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:27 : Courier1: Sending session "{3A7F3070-62E3-44FB-9423-491CDE1698E5}" for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:27 : Courier1: Client accepted session "{3A7F3070-62E3-44FB-9423-491CDE1698E5}" for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:28 : Courier1: Connection closed
2005-4-4 11:35 : Connection established
2005-4-4 11:35 : Courier2: Handshake successful, unit online
2005-4-4 11:35 : Courier2: Push session request for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:35 : Courier2: Sending session "{7319A26D-5629-47A3-ACF7-5E3926461E67}" for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:35 : Courier2: Client accepted session "{7319A26D-5629-47A3-ACF7-5E3926461E67}" for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 11:36 : Courier2: Connection closed
2005-4-4 12:15 : Connection established
2005-4-4 12:15 : Courier1: Handshake successful, unit online
2005-4-4 12:15 : Courier1: Push session request for project "Courier.ppc"
2005-4-4 12:15 : Courier1: Received and processed session "{DDC484F5-D0E0-4FAD-91DD-A52737201EBE}" for project "Courier.ppc"

All wireless TCP/IP sessions are identified and tracked with unique GUID and time stamped to confirm Pocket PC user acceptance; also full records of wireless project installation and update, and Unit ID changes. Note, 'wireless' functions also operate via the Internet and networks without wireless hardware, see page 6 / Wireless of Skills.

New General Options

General Options on the Pocket PC enable:

  • Setting Unit ID of sessions on Pocket PC client that may have originated via a 'broadcast' to all Pocket PCs from wireless server; enabling identification of Pocket PCs on return of sessions to wireless server.
  • Automatic start of new sessions after previous session has closed. Useful for repetitive operations such as bar code scanning.

Review of pages 2 to 7 of Skills tutorial is recommended. Other enhancements include:
  • If/Else logical operator in Math point (now has 30 math operators and functions).
    The syntax here is (conditional expression) ? (true expression) : (false expression). The brackets are not necessary, and any of the three expressions could be constants or variables or more complex compound expressions.  The If/Else operator group has the lowest precedence. For example if there is a point 'INPUT', and the objective is to create an expression that is equal to INPUT squared if INPUT/2 is greater than 5, or INPUT cubed if INPUT/2 is less than or equal to 5, write:  ((INPUT/2)>5) ? (INPUT^2) : (INPUT^3).
  • Logic points can also test the dynamic value of two points by applying the test to the other point by enclosing the point IDName in <%....%>, this can be useful when comparing initially unknown values, for example two bar code scans, text
  • Edit menu in Design mode presents Export Strings and Import Strings functions which enable export and import of text files profiling Page, Point Caption and Guidance content for the project; which may assist design activities, especially for project language translations and where large quantities of Guidance are edited
  • Backup and Restore of sessions on the Pocket PC, via Project Menu; for practical risk management and 'housekeeping'
  • Filter of Outlook Contacts Categories in Outlook point on Pocket PC
  • additional Data Script functions for automation of session data flow
  • automatic repair of damaged or lost session data index files on desktop PC
  • support for carriage returns in HTML and XML outputs, and other user requests
  • can be installed to either RAM (Default), or SD and CF cards (in Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket PC 2002); installing to card secures data in the event of power failure [do not install to iPAQ 'File Store', which is better for files than programs]

Further minor additions and remedies: Integer/int function in Math point; ADO data pathway output errors can now be written to text Log file rather than 'pop up' interruption of output; cursor set to Edit point at top of page; Data Script includes 'SendToAll', 'SaveSketch' and ability to determine Path of a project from script; Boolean points can be returned to null value; clear Target entries in Local Session drop list by selecting and 'shift' to delete; 'Save Project As' in Design mode, fix for growth of PPD file with data transfers by TCP/IP; prevention of duplicates of 'Marked for Send' sessions if user erroneously manually dispatches marked sessions; fix of incorrect order of selected output from Data Window if sessions were not arranged in default 'Oldest First' order; aspect ratio of Sketch point sketches adjusts for any image file size.

Pocket PC Creations Personal and Team license holders download version 3.4 using password issued on purchase. Close Pocket PC Creations on both desktop and Pocket PC before installing upgrade.

See Upgrade History for reference, previous version is

Questions on upgrade to .

Note: There is one 'bug' identified in Pocket PC Creations version 3.4; the Paste function in Data Script has been omitted. License holders using Data Script should contact Support for remedy.