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Since Pocket PC Creations was introduced in 2001, it has built a reputation as a high quality mobile data solution for businesses and Governments worldwide. CreativityCorp supports Pocket PC Creations license holders at the leading edge of mobile computing by providing timely and powerful upgrades, at no additional cost. Pocket PC Creations version 4 ensures Pocket PC Creations users continue to be leaders in their fields. The data files system and TCP/IP data transfer has been re-built in version 4 to provide high reliability and security for mission critical operations, and powerful new functions have been added.


The powerful UltraDrop point has been enhanced to automatically incorporate 'Dynamic' data text files into projects open on the Pocket PC Creations server. Wireless Pocket PCs communicating with the Pocket PC Creations server are prompted for the download of the latest version of the project with the data included. This Dynamic function ensures product price lists, customer profiles, clinical files, GPS co-ordinates and other data is always current. If wireless isn't being used, a simple 'Install' of project ensures transfer of the latest data in UltraDrop points. The UltraDrop point now also supports multiple-selection and output of data to Edit points.

The Sketch point can now dynamically import images from the Camera and File points on Pocket PC, as background images for drawing on camera images, maps, diagrams and plans.

Pocket PC Creations supports dynamic business people, at the leading edge of mobile technology, making full use of the latest Pocket PC Phone hardware with inbuilt cameras. There is no other Rapid Application Development or 'RAD' software that delivers truly mobile wireless computing power as simply as Pocket PC Creations, straight 'out of the box', and at low cost.


While Logic points previously generated changes to a project page while it was in use, depending on the data inputs, they can now also output data if logic conditions are met. The new 'Output Values' function opens up many data transformation and output possibilities.  The data output can be either numeric or text, including sentences (see outputs of either 'Smoking history' or 'No smoking history' opposite).

The powerful Output Values function can be combined with the ability to Test the dynamic value of two points by applying the Test to another point by enclosing the other point IDName in
 <% ....  %> (instead of the 'Test is equal to Yes' shown opposite) this can be useful when comparing initially unknown values, for example two bar code scans, or identifying contradictory responses in a questionnaire.



Wireless Options
on the Pocket PC now enable:
  • Automatic connection to the Internet.  Simple and automatic connection to the Internet for transfer of session data to and from the Pocket PC Creations wireless client.
  • Strong security with 256-bit AES encryption.  Pocket PC Creations is used widely by business and Government; version 4 provides 256-bit AES encryption of wireless data, which most Governments have recognised as providing strong security for classified information.

  • Remote assistance using Periscope. Pocket PC clients can request assistance via the Pocket PC Creations wireless server; an exclamation mark appears on the client in the Activity Monitor requesting assistance and a 'click' displays the Pocket PC screen for remote control and assistance. Key functions of the popular Periscope software are now built into Pocket PC Creations version 4 to enable support of Pocket PC Creations clients worldwide from the Pocket PC Creations server, either via the mobile phone network, WiFi, or 'wired' through the Internet.

Review of pages 2 to 7 of Skills tutorial is recommended. Other enhancements include:
  • compression of wireless (TCP/IP) transfer to reduce the amount of data transmitted, lowering phone bills (where billed by the megabyte), and also speeding transmission if the session data size is large
  • incorporation of the GPS custom point in the standard installation of Pocket PC Creations, there is no longer a requirement to separately install the GPS custom point
  • enhanced Camera point will launch inbuilt camera in Windows Mobile 5.0 devices or capture the most recent JPG image from camera in pre Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
  • incorporation of the Camera and Incrementor custom points in the standard installation of Pocket PC Creations
  • loading a file into a session via Incoming XML, using the syntax: <pointName file="filenamehere.jpg" delete="true"/> (for example with a JPG file)
  • re-designed Data Window of greater capacity and with checking to ensure no replicates of sessions are possible
  • ability to Lock Data Pathway so that unintended changes are not allowed
  • improved international data management by Math and Numpad points
  • omitted Required points are now located within the project page
  • option for Projects to present and launch from Start menu on Pocket PC
  • remote installation of software upgrades to version 4 via CAB file
  • future Pocket PC Creations upgrades (ie post version 4) can be automatically prompted and remotely installed to wireless version 4 Pocket PC clients
  • numeric data in Edit points can now be 'padded' with zeros
  • additional session data is available within ADO output, including GUID/UUID
  • Pocket PC Creations server will automatically add GUID/UUID to Incoming XML if it hasn't been included in XML

Further minor additions and remedies: Delete method on the session object in Data Script has been restored; Numpad point now supports a range for entered values; for GPS point data output, the ADO 'guess field mapping' function will now transparently match A.B to either A.B or A_B, so that A_B can be used with automatic guessing without having to change point names.

Upgrade Process

Download: Pocket PC Creations Team, Personal and Lite license holders download version 4 using password issued on purchase. Close Pocket PC Creations on both desktop and Pocket PC before installing upgrade. Given the major changes that have been made to the data file system, before upgrading to version 4, transfer all sessions from Pocket PC Creations client on Pocket PC to Pocket PC Creations server on desktop PC or server and to Data Pathway.

Upgrading remote Pocket PC Creations 3.4.2 wireless clients:    

  • Pocket PC Creations version 4 server can wirelessly communicate with previous release version 3.4.2 clients and exchange sessions, but 3.4.2 clients cannot accept projects that have been either developed or updated in version 4
  • In 3.4.2 develop and install a simple ‘Upgrade Transfer’ project with a File point to receive and transfer the PPCC.arm CAB file in C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\MobileSetup after Pocket PC Creations 4 is installed on server
  • When the ‘Upgrade Transfer’ session from Pocket PC Creations 4 arrives at the 3.4.2 client, simply tap the open/'binoculars' to install version 4, the TCP/IP and password settings are retained. New passwords need to be of 10 characters for 256-bit AES encryption (an option on both server and client).
  • Or the PPCC.arm can be also be supplied to Pocket PC clients by email or download and saved to My Documents on Pocket PC and ‘tapped’ within File Explorer to install

See Upgrade History for reference, previous version is 3.4.2

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