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Pocket PC Creations
16 June 2008 version 5

Dynamic Logical Wireless Data

Since Pocket PC Creations was introduced in 2001, it has earned a reputation as a high quality mobile data studio for businesses and Governments worldwide. CreativityCorp supports Pocket PC Creations licence holders at the leading edge of mobile computing by providing timely and powerful upgrades, at no additional cost. Pocket PC Creations version 5 ensures Pocket PC Creations users continue to be leaders in their fields. The wireless TCP/IP data transfer functions have been enhanced with support for dynamic 'telegrams', more power has been added to logic functions, printing in the field is made easier, data collection and management functions have been enhanced and the language of client side controls can be translated, plus more in version 5.


The new Telegram point is a function to be able to accept jobs, track, conduct searches and do other tasks live from within a session. The Telegram point is supported by the Data Script functions of Pocket PC Creations which enable server side events to be handled by segments of VBScript. Using the Telegram point a project on the Pocket PC can send a small packet of information to the server at any time, independent of session management. Similarly, the Pocket PC Creations server can also send telegrams to Pocket PCs at any time, in response to any event, independent of session management.

The Telegram point is a departure from the normal approach in Pocket PC Creations which doesn't require programming to design and deploy projects, because it requires use of Data Script on the server. However, the Telegram point adds powerful functionality for wireless deployments at the enterprise level. See the information on Data Script for automation of processes and Telegrams.


The powerful Logic point now also supports AND and OR operations, allowing two comparisons to be made at once. Usually two inputs should be enough, but if more complicated expressions (eg A or B and C) are required, several Logic points can be connected together. Combined with the 'Output Value' function this opens up many data transformation and output possibilities.  The data output can be either numeric or text, including sentences (see outputs of either 'Possible Serious Infection' or 'Normal Respiration' or 'Not Assessed' opposite).

These functions can be combined with the ability to Test the dynamic value of two points by applying the Test to another point by enclosing the other point ID Name in <% ....  %>, this can be useful when comparing initially unknown values, for example two bar code scans, or responses in survey questionnaires.


Wireless Options
on the Pocket PC now enable even more functions:
  • Automatic connection to either the Internet or a VPN. 
  • Options to Auto submit either 'new' sessions originating on the client, 'old' sessions originating on the server, or 'new+old' sessions.
  • Receive sessions upon connect enables receipt of any sessions queued on the server, without the need to action synchronise.

  • Language translation of client side controls  While Pocket PC Creations projects could always be written in the language of the user, now the Pocket PC client side controls can be translated (see opposite) and the translated file can be offered wirelessly to clients via an option in the server side wireless options (via Tools, Server Online). This allows the language translation file, and any updates to it, to be distributed automatically. The ClientLanguage.ini file is found in C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations on the server and can be edited in Notepad. If the translated file is manually copied into the Pocket PC via ActiveSync, it should be renamed to Language.ini and copied into the Program Files / PPCC folder.

Other enhancements

Pocket PC Creations version 5 also includes:
  • Print point: The new Print point (see opposite) enables attachment of a HTML Template to which data from a session can be output for print of a HTML file with third party software. The HTML file can also be attached to emails.
  • File point: Can now also be set to automatically import or attach the newest file of a designated type (eg XML) in a designated folder. For some projects storing of a file in the project at Design stage may be required; this can be enabled by importing the file to the point and then using Save Default Value by right mouse click on the File point in the Point Panel. The file will be retained as default.

  • Consolidated Date Time point with additional options for Display and Output.
  • Design of Projects by import of XML (eg from web server applications). This function can dramatically reduce the time to convert server/desktop applications in XML to projects in Pocket PC Creations. Project can also be exported as an XML file, to enable 'search and replace' and other editing processes.
  • Control of image size captured in Camera point.
  • Session 'Duplicate' function on Pocket PC client
  • Increased options with Incrementor point for manual control.
  • All points support default values that are not text: in practice this allows many things to be attached to the project at design time, such as attaching a file to a File point by default, attaching voice clips, sketches, etc.
  • Default values can reference the current value of other points, evaluated at session creation time.  Thus the default value for a point can be <% otherPoint %> ; for example, in drill hole sampling to enable 'from' and 'to' data.  
  • Hard required Style for points: the page cannot be closed until a value is entered.
  • Hexidecimal precision option in Math point. 
  • Rename-assistant detects when a point is renamed, and updates all references to that point to match the new name.  This includes references in Logic, Math and Layout points.  It also updates <% %> references in all point captions and default values.  It does NOT update settings in the Data Pathway, HTML templates, etc.
Review of pages 2 to 7 of Skills tutorial is recommended.  

Upgrade Process

Where possible, transfer sessions from client Pocket PC to server before upgrade from version 4 to version 5.  Note: (a) the C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\Examples folder is replaced during upgrade, thus any files added to that folder under previous versions should be copied to another folder; (b) Pocket PC 2002 and 2000 operating systems do NOT support some functions in version 5; they should continue to use version 4

Download: Pocket PC Creations Team, Personal and Lite licence holders please download version 5 using password issued on purchase and save to an appropriately named folder (eg Pocket PC Creations version 5). Close Pocket PC Creations on  desktop PC before installing upgrade by browse to file and click to execute, and also close Pocket PC Creations on Pocket PC if installing via ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center (Vista).

Upgrading remote Pocket PC Creations wireless TCP/IP clients:    

  • Pocket PC Creations version 5 server can wirelessly communicate with previous release version 4 clients and exchange sessions, but version 4 clients cannot accept projects that have been either developed or updated in version 5
  • Pocket PC Creations version 5 can automatically upgrade wireless version 4 clients. This is enabled via server Tools > Server Online > Offer PPCC upgrades. In most circumstances the TCP/IP settings and Unit ID will be retained on the client; however, on some devices they may be lost and thus the settings should be noted for re-entry in Options after wireless upgrade.

See Upgrade History for reference, previous version is 4.0.0

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