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Advice of substantial upgrades to Pocket PC Creations. Now superseded by Mobile Data Studio.  (24 February 2011)
Mobile Data Studio

22 March 2010 - Upgrade to 
Pocket PC Creations version 6

UPGRADE NEWS:  Mobile Data and 24x Functions delivered with Pocket PC Creations version 6, see exciting details

16 June 2008 - Upgrade to 
Pocket PC Creations version 5

Pocket PC Creations version 5, see details

November 2006 -  
Pocket PC Creations version

Pocket PC Creations version 4, see details

January 2006 -  
Pocket PC Creations version 3.4.2

Pocket PC Creations version 3.4.2 is fully compatible with the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 platform and 'backwards' compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and 2002.

> 5.0
> 2003
> 2002

Persistent memory a plus in new Windows Mobile 5.0

April 2005 - Pocket PC Creations version 3.4

Please see detail building on worldwide success in wireless mobile computing. Powerful wireless client and server system ready to go 'out of the box'. turning Pocket PC Phones into business machines.

January 2004 - Upgrade to 
Pocket PC Creations version is a minor upgrade of version 3.3 described in upgrade history below. It includes a Dynamic Data function with a new version of the popular UltraDrop custom point, under the Advanced properties tab. New Camera ImageVoice and Incrementor custom points are also available to use with Pocket PC Creations.

November 2003 - Upgrade to 
Pocket PC Creations version 3.3

Save HTML from sessions on Pocket PC to enable printing from the Pocket PC of orders,  receipts, notices and other documents in the field. Compatible with third party printing software such as PIEprint. The powerful HTML Template functions popular on desktop PC have now been extended to the Pocket PC. 

Enhancements for wireless deployments: install and upgrade software wirelessly for dispersed wireless deployments; including Set Unit ID from Pocket PC.

Design includes 'hidden' pages outside of normal navigation, easier identification of Logic point functions, colour control of Link points. GPS custom point upgrade with new options.

Enhanced functions for 'local session' use on Tablet PCs. Revised and more powerful Data Scripts for automation.

Faster in Windows Mobile 2003, making full use of XScale 400Mhz processors. Previous ARM, MIPS and SH3 processors also supported in Pocket PC 2002 and 2000.

Detail & Review pages 2 to 7 of Skills tutorial.

August 2003 - Upgrade to 
Pocket PC Creations version 3.2

Load Pocket PC Creations powerful Math functions with the new Numeric Keypad point. Faster and more accurate entries by finger tap than stylus, especially for commercial and industrial uses. Combines well with bar code scanning operations. Enhanced Multiple selection mode for Drop List for improved display of selections on Pocket PC.  Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 compatible for new Pocket PCs.

Count on Pocket PC Creations!  Numeric Keypad and Event Counter deliver when it counts.

Also runs on Windows XP Tablet PC for easy data collection for Access, Excel, and printing using HTML Templates.

May 2003 - Upgrade to Pocket PC Creations version 3.1

Addition of practical functions based on user feedback. Dynamic changes to point Captions based on output from other points. Expanded support for Tablet PCs. Unit IDs can be remotely amended from the Pocket PC Creations server, useful for large wireless deployments if the user of the Pocket PC changes. Character entry limits in Edit points. Print reports with HTML templates, Sales Force  project and order template now included.

(See detail for more on PPCC version 3.1)

January 2003 - Minor upgrade to Pocket PC Creations version

A minor but significant upgrade incorporating the popular 'UltraDrop' custom point and an enhanced 'File' point which can attach and launch video, audio, image and other files, plus additional support for international computing and language requirements.

'Sales Force' project for UltraDrop.

November 2002 - Major Upgrade for leading edge mobile computing

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more)

Home    Clients    Chinese

Full ADO functionality to manage all file types between Pocket PC and databases including images and audio. Reliable ADO operation with diverse database systems.

New File point to transport all file types. Support for a NexiCam custom point to capture JPG images, with many applications.

Wireless server-side session queue and dispatch, records to log file. Install and update projects wirelessly, use with Pocket PC Mobile Phones

New functions, including 13 additional Math functions for engineering and multi-selection Drop List.

Enhanced XML for flexible solutions and management of wireless sessions.

April 2002 - Information in Session Window on Pocket PC

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more)

Session List Columns enables the selection of point/s from which data will be presented in the Session Window on the Pocket PC. Sort by tapping tops of columns, and widen to view key data at a glance. 

Enhancements to Wireless functions for GPRS/GSM and other mobile phones.    Continuous communication between client Pocket PC and servers.  TCP/IP communications can also be used with ActiveSync to send information via the Internet.

New Custom Points and information for developers. Tabbing between text and number input points to support new fold-away keyboards.

February 2002 - Version 2.3 of Pocket PC Creations released

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills and
custom point for more)

Date format control in Timestamp and Date/Time picker. Timestamp also has seconds for timing of processes and math calculations. New UltraDrop custom point to manage hundreds of related data items.

Retain Session Value function enables point values to be carried forward into sessions, saving time in the field.  

Field entries to Drop List can be edited and re-sizing of Design Window now supported.

February 2002 - GPS Pocket PC Creations released

(See GPS point and Stopwatch for more)

GPS custom point to capture GPS and UTM data in Pocket PC Creations, free download for easy development of projects without programming. No need to be confined by limited information capture with standard GPS devices. Many applications in mining, agriculture, environment, transport, military, education and recreation.

Stopwatch custom point, for business and recreational use. Use enter/centre button on Pocket PC to start and stop.

January 2002 - Version 2.2 of Pocket PC Creations released

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more)

Enhancements include new Link Point function to jump to other pages in a project based upon the values of points, function controlled by Logic points; excellent for market research questionnaires.

View all points throughout a project for use by Math and Logic Points, previously only points on the same page could be viewed.

New 'parsing' Layout Point functions for presenting data from any point within a project, send messages within a project.

New Session Identification option in Project Properties, enabling any data point to output into the Session Window for identification of the session 

October 2001 - Version 2.0 of Pocket PC Creations released

Pocket PC Creations popular 'powerful simplicity' is maintained in Version 2.0. Further, the interests of enterprise developers are addressed through support for Custom Points and Results Scripting for advanced management of session flow. 

A complete mobile information management system for all sizes of business and government. Download version 2.0 now.

September 2001 - Send information to Pocket PCs in the field

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more)

Send sessions to Pocket PCs in the field, wirelessly or by ActiveSync. Send text and images to equip mobile operatives, client information, maintenance records, 'wanted images', operation plans and more. Use combined mobile phone Pocket PCs with GPRS or GSM. See Courier and Hazard Alert examples.

Load information from XML data servers into Pocket PC Creations, deploy into Pocket PCs and recover information back to base.

Take hundreds of client information sets into the field in Pocket PC Creations and load into sessions. Export information back to database servers for enterprise solutions.

A new way of business!

August 2001 - Sketch Point and other enhancements

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more) 

The new Sketch Point enables drawing a sketch on the Pocket PC using a stylus. Sketches can be drawn in colour using either an 8 or 4 colour palette, or drawn in black. Sketch on images. Signatures can be entered for orders, deliveries and other requirements.

Other enhancements include - font size and colour variations for Layout Point to enable projected presentations from Pocket PC, increased Math power, Auto Loading of projects for continuous communication, easier design work and more.

July 2001 - XML and continuous
results streaming to database

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more) 

Export results as XML now included in a major upgrade of results management. Results can be continuously streamed to files and database servers.  Microsoft BizTalk Server supported. Pocket PC Creations is at the leading edge of data management systems.

New support for Conditional Logic, and all relevant data points can be used in Math processing through Code-based input.

June 2001 - Wireless Communication via TCP/IP 

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills for more)

Wireless Synchronisation between Pocket PC and desktop or network now extends the applications for Pocket PC Creations.  The Wireless synchronisation interfaces with the common TCP/IP standard, also used by the Internet.  Synchronise results wirelessly to LAN or WAN using accessories available for Pocket PCs and Mobile Phones. Multiple Pocket PCs loaded with Pocket PC Creations can wirelessly synchronise to a 'hub' without conflict.

May 2001 - Expansion of ODBC Export function

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills tutorial for more information.) 

The OBDC Export function has been substantially upgraded for movement of results between Pocket PCs and mainframe computers. Including a Field Mapping guesser, which simplifies the task of mapping points to table fields by automatically matching up points and fields that share the same name. Database and field mapping settings are saved for convenience. These upgrades make it easy to extend database server applications to Pocket PCs.

April 2001 - Addition of Math and Outlook functions

(See Pocket PC Creations Skills tutorial for more information and Marketing Report for an example.)

The Math Point function enables both simple and complex calculations in the field. Many numeric points on a project page or between pages can be subject to attention by a Math point. Marketing, financial, engineering, science, survey and similar projects are all possible, designed without programming skills.

The Outlook Point function enables importing of contact/client information from Microsoft Pocket Outlook in the field. New contacts can also be entered into Outlook from Pocket PC Creations in the field. Microsoft Outlook can import client/contact information from many sources for synchronization with Pocket Outlook.

Software upgraded March 2010 (version 6) 
License holders download software upgrade with password issued on purchase.
Projects/applications developed with earlier versions operate in upgraded software, and can be revised to add new functions. Before installing upgrade, transfer session data from Pocket PC to desktop/server and database. After installation on desktop, open a project and click 'Install' to prompt upgrade installation from desktop to Pocket PC.